A book with the smell of money was published in Kazakhstan

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On March 1, there will be a presentation of the "INVESTMENT ALPHABET" book. The presentation will take place at 19:00 at Gogol 58, Almaty.

Authors of the book: Yerkanat Abeni, Baurzhan Shurmanov, Yerbol Azanbek will give a lecture on "Fundamentals of investment, risks".

The book is distributed free of charge to universities. You can take it to educational institutions from Almaty. For that, just write to Talentcorpkz@gmail.com (Indicate the school, then you will be sent the address and contact details where you can pick up the books)

According to the authors, this project is NON-COMMERCIAL, it was implemented thanks to the sponsorship of citizens who are not indifferent to the financial literacy of young people. In turn, "INVESTMENT ALPHABET. How do we increase the money?" was the first book on investment in the Kazakh language (for beginners).

Also, the book is available in the online store "Meloman" and is being sold for only 990 tenge, lower than its original cost.

Now about the book itself.
"ALPHABET OF INVESTMENT. How do we increase the money?" a practical guide written in plain language that everyone can understand. The authors analyzed 87 investment books, met with public opinion leaders, asked Forbes Kazakhstan representatives about investment principles, their attitude to money, and also shared their personal experiences in trading.
This is the first fundamental work in Kazakhstan written based on financial literacy and examples and experience from the lives of our contemporaries.
In the book, you will find simple ways to invest, grow money, plan your funds, and trade the stock market, which can be used by anyone, anywhere.

According to the authors, the pages of the book were treated with special perfumes that smell like freshly printed American dollars.