Support block for young candidates "Voice of Youth" was established in Kazakhstan.

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Journalists and young activists have created a support block for young candidates "Voice of Youth". Journalists Yerkanat Kopjasaruly, Akbope Tanirbergen, Nursultan Kurman and Yakov Fedorov and Maksat, candidates for the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, announced this at a press conference held at the Halyk Kazakhstan press club, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

According to Yerkanat Kopzhasaruly, the host of the political talk show "Ashik Zalon" on the National Channel of Kazakhstan, "Voice of the Youth" support block for young candidates can include active young people who want to protect, support, advise any young candidates:

"Our main goal is to invite active young people of all fields, who openly express their opinions in society, who are well-versed in their profession, who are aware of the problems in the country, to take part in the elections of Majilis and maslikhats of all levels, due to the support of the people" -
he says.