In Shymkent, an operation was performed without anesthesia for a rare disease

1858 Telegram

In Shymkent, for the first time, doctors performed a complex operation on a patient suffering from a rare disease. During the operation performed using a new method at City Hospital No. 2, surgeons used a method of surgical treatment that did not require anesthesia and it would avoid complications.

On September 21 of the current year, a patient born in 1986 was admitted to this hospital. The patient's complaint at the time of admission to the hospital was pain in the joints, shrinking of the body, and loss of height.

In addition, the patient received hemodialysis for 9 years due to chronic kidney failure. During the examination, it was also revealed that the patient had a calcium-phosphorus metabolism disorder. Immediately, a doctor's council is formed, and doctors decide to perform a complex operation in order to save the patient's life.

On the basis of City Hospital No. 2, the patient underwent an embolization operation of parathyroid arteries. The operation was completed successfully, and as a result, the patient's pain subsided.

Qualified doctors included in the Consilium are Deputy Chief Physician of City Hospital No. 2 A. Zhakibaev, head of the nephrology department, M.Sc. J. Rsalieva, chief specialist in nephrology of Shymkent health department M. Kystaubaev and doctors of nephrology department R. Keneshbaeva and  P.  Mirzakhanov.