Street musicians performed the set performance "Group blood" on dombra

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A video is gaining popularity on TikTok, on which the dombrists in Almaty play a popular composition from the repertoire of the group "Kino". The video was watched almost one million times per day. Tengri Lifestyle contacted the musicians to learn more about their work.

As told by the dombrist trio Adai Akhat Ahmedii, the guys-musicians moved from Pavlodar to Almaty a couple of months ago. Three people are currently playing in the group: drummer Ahat Ahmedii, Dastan Sailaubaev and drummer Baltabek Kappasov. The group loves the work of the "Kino" group and Viktor Tsoi, so they decided to play their cover versions of popular compositions.

"Why did they decide to play this particular song? It's simple, all three of us listen and are fans of the group "Kino" and Tsoi", - says Ahat.