15,000 tenge fine": the court decision was issued to the deputy who touched the nurse

Adyrna.kz Telegram

A court decision was issued against a deputy who touched a nurse in Pavlodar region, national portal "Adyrna" reported.

The accused who insulted the young girl got away with a fine of 5 monthly calculations.

According to the data, the deputy is one of the qualified doctors in the region. The incident started when Tolegen Kadyr asked his colleague to install a system. When the young nurse started her work, the man touched her buttocks and waist. The frightened girl ran away from the ward and later re-entered with the dictaphone. So she asked why he did this.

The girl's main evidence in court was an audio recording of the man's words. But the court fined the deputy only 5 monthly calculation indicators for insulting the girl. It is about 15 thousand tenge.

The local maslikhat deputy regretted his actions and later apologized to the girl. However, the girl complained about the court decision and filed an appeal. And the court did not satisfy the complaint and left the decision unchanged.