Political reforms are the concern of the future

Adyrna.kz Telegram

I think it is right that the extraordinary presidential election was held this year. Our state is starting many good things in the direction of political reforms.

Managing an entire country, people, and large-scale system is not an easy task. We see what is happening in the countries of the world. The geopolitical situation is tense and may become even more complicated in the coming years. Taking this into account, we understand the need to hold presidential elections earlier.

On this day, the Head of State Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev is visiting foreign countries, conducting negotiations and working hard to develop various sectors of the country. All this is not done in vain. He knows the international situation and has enough experience.

Therefore, it is clear that this decision was made after a long time, after deep thought and analysis. If we continue to systematically implement such political reforms, there is hope that the future of Kazakhstan will be bright. Of course, there will be doubts among the people.

Because the way of development is not easy. Difficult situations occur every day. It is our duty to overcome it and do everything possible for the future of the state. In this regard, I support the actions and political reforms of the state authorities. It is better to think about the future today.

Sultanali BALBABAEV,