New houses are being built in the new district

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In 2019, the construction of 137,594 km of engineering communications (water, gas, electricity and sewage networks) was completed in the Akzhayik sub-district of the city of Ural within the scope of the "Nurly Zher" state program. 1.235 billion tenge were spent on the construction of engineering and communication infrastructure facilities of the new small district. It is planned to build 15 9-story and 10 5-story houses from the budget.

Last year, the construction and assembly work of a 9-story building with 244 apartments in Akzhayik sub-district began for the depositors of "Otbasy Bank" JSC. About 20 commercial houses are going to be built in Akzhaik, which many people are hoping for. With the support of the investor, social houses will be built for the employees of the health sector and the police. These works are planned to be completed in the next five years.