S&P international agency raised the rating of Kaspi Bank

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Experts noted Kaspi's strong market position and reliable strategy,  the national portal "Adyrna" wrote.

International rating agency S&P Global Ratings raised the rating of Kaspi Bank JSC from "BB-" to "BB" and from "kzA" to "kzA+". Rating forecast - "Stable".

The agency noted that Kaspi Bank's rating reflects its proven strategy and strong market position in the segment of business lending, consumer lending and payments.

Mikhail Lomtadze, head of Kaspi.kz and one of the founders:

"The consecutive growth of Kaspi ratings confirmed the quality of work of our excellent team in Kazakhstan. We will continue to delight our beloved customers with innovative life-enhancing services. Kaspi.kz super application is used by more than 12 million Kazakhs every month. Thank you to each and every one of you for being with us!”

Agency experts expect Kaspi to maintain very high profitability. ROAE (Return on Average Equity Ratio) will be above 75% for two years. If necessary, higher expected profitability will help Kaspi to better manage potential risks in the event of an adverse operating environment.

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