Salaries of professors increased by 435 thousands tenge - Roza Karibzhanova

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In Kazakhstan, the salary of university teachers in the field of culture and art has increased. Roza Karibzhanova, the chairperson of the Culture Committee of the MSM, said this at a press conference at the Central Committee, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

According to Roza Karibzhanova, the 3-year budget has been approved.

"As a result, with the support of the government, the salary of teachers increased by 70%. For example, in the past, the salary of a professor with 13-16 years of experience was 267,000 tenge. Today we used a ratio of 3.5. As a result, their salary increased by 435 thousands tenge. On average, the amount of wages will be higher...", said the committee chairwoman at a press conference at the Central Committee.