"The day of the raiders is over": the search for Bolat Nazarbayev's assistant has been announced

Adyrna.kz Telegram

The Financial Monitoring Agency stopped the activities of a group of people engaged in raiding confiscation,  the national portal "Adyrna"wrote.

On July 14, in accordance with Article 128 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the following citizens were arrested and detained in a temporary detention center:

- Tanashev Timur Serzhanuly, born in 1983;

- Rauan Timurovich Babayev, born in 1992;

- Altybasarov Ansar Muratovich, born in 1990;

- Abizhanov Dastan Madiuli, born in 1977.

At the same time, the court announced a search warrant for Kospaev Eldos Aydyngaliul and chose a preventive measure of arrest. Kospaev Aidos Aydyngaliuly and Shalin Ruslan Evgenievich were recognized as suspects.

Let's remind you that earlier in the media there was information that Eldos Kospaev is Bolat Nazarbayev's assistant.

"Adyrna" national portal