The best medical workers were awarded

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Every third Sunday in June is Medical Workers' Day. In this regard, white-collar workers were honored in Kunayev, the capital of Almaty region. The head of the region Marat Eleusizuly took part in the solemn meeting and paid special attention to the work of doctors.

"One of the main tasks of any state is to improve the health of its citizens. I would like to express my gratitude to the staff who have shown the best work of experienced doctors in the fight against the pandemic over the past two years. The work of doctors who provided emergency medical care to the injured during the January events is immeasurable. Although many people left their jobs, you did not have such an opportunity. That is why the gratitude of the people is special to you.
Each of you, who is faithful to his oath and acts like a hero every day, deserves respect, ”Marat Eleusizovich said.

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