"Don't spend your money on yourself!"

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On June 24, a meeting on "Opportunities for Youth" was held at the "Youth Resource Center" in Kostanay.

The meeting continued within the project "Socialization and Rehabilitation of Youth".

The project aims to address the reasons for inactivity of young people when it comes to work and study, the types of assistance and career guidance provided by the project office, and ways to address the accumulated problems of NEET youth.

Nurmakhan Sopbekov, a well-known entrepreneur and restaurateur in the city, told young people about his experiences and mistakes in developing life skills for career and personal growth in order to motivate young people to future plans and develop their creative potential.

"It's a misconception that I will start a business after graduation. Everyone should try to work with a team, whether it is a company or a government job. You can't start a business without passing the first stage. It is necessary to learn to work in one place on a regular basis, "said the businessman.

In addition, he told about the difficulties and difficulties of starting a business. Our biggest mistake is to take advantage of the first success. He advised you to restrain yourself and your expenses until you get into any business.

“Never be afraid to start your own business. The main thing is that you have a real dream and goal, self-confidence. Dreams and faith lead to success. However, the biggest motivation is your dream. The strongest weapon is trust, ”said the businessman.

During the meeting, they will discuss the necessary specialties in the labor market today and what areas should be actively developed, training young people in entrepreneurship, the necessary skills of an entrepreneur, the opportunities provided to young people and how to use them properly.

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