$ 2 million's ice rink in Oral turned out to be unusable

Фото: Gazeta-marina-roscha.ru
Фото: Gazeta-marina-roscha.ru

The $ 2 million ice rink in Oral turned out to be unusable, the national portal Adyrna reports citing Elitar.kz.

According to the publication, the quality of the refrigerator, which does not thaw the ice, is poor. The company that built the artificial ice rink for $ 2 million ran a thin cable. The businessman responsible for this case is in jail for embezzling 1.5 billion tenge from the budget.

"Basically, all three refrigerators are working. Just like a regular air conditioner is filled with freon, they also need to be treated with various freezing chemicals. However, we are afraid to run the cable, because the contractor promised to replace the cable with a new one. That's why this season we took turns to turn on the refrigerators, - said Askhat Shaikhiev, the director of the WKO School of Higher Sportsmanship.

A foreign company developing the Karachaganak field in WKO has invested $ 2 million in the construction of the ice rink. According to the plan, even if the sun warms up to 10 degrees, the three refrigerators on the square should be frozen without melting the ice.

National portal "Adyrna"

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