There were a number of appointments in the Ministry of Internal Affairs


Candidates for the positions of deputy heads of regional police and district police chiefs of the capital were considered in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Adyrna correspondent reported with reference to

At the special meeting, participants focused on the achievements of candidates for the new position and discussed their qualifications and professional skills.

By order of the Minister of Internal Affairs:
- Sapar Baurzhan to the post of Deputy Head of the Turkestan reg. PD;
- Erlan Zhalmagambet to the post of Deputy Chief of the Transport Police Department;
- Alibek Kozhakhmetov to the position of the head of the district police department of Esil district of Nur-Sultan;
- Marat Abirov has been appointed Chief of the Baikonur District Police Department of Nur-Sultan.

It's worth noting that this is the first time that such a format of appointment has been held in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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