75 grants for tourism were awarded to graduates of Almaty region


One of the areas contributing to the development of the region's potential is tourism. There is no doubt that the country, which has a well-developed domestic tourism, will have high economic prospects. In the Almaty region, which is characterized by artistic nature, attention is paid to the progress of work in this direction. Mountains and rocks, gushing springs, waterfalls, sands and deserts will allow to develop domestic tourism in Zhetysu, but it is no secret that the lack of specialists who provide quality services to visitors narrows the channel of profits in this area. This issue was announced by the head of the Department of Tourism of Almaty region Zhanar Alchimbayeva at Jetisy Media.

Before the pandemic, 1,100 mln. Last year this figure was 2 millions.  It is planned that the number of visitors will not decrease this year as well. In order to increase the number of tourists visiting the region, a number of investment projects are being implemented. As part of this, the development of mountain clusters in the region, along with the facilities on the shores of Lake Balkhash and the National Nature Parks.

5 billion tenge will be allocated for the construction of a water and sewerage system on the shores of Lake Balkhash alone. Taking into account the need for more than 40 billions tenge, at the initial stage it is necessary to carry out work in this direction. According to the head of the department, in the future a request will be sent to the national budget to implement the plan.

It is obvious that the facilities will attract the attention of visitors, but it is clear that it will not be easy to attract tourists without the quality of services and qualified personnel.


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