The 87-year-old grandmother, who has not cut her hair all her life, has a braid about 2 meters long


87-year-old Nursharuan Tustikbayeva, who has never had a haircut, lives in Taldykorgan. Grandmother's braid is about 2 meters long. An old woman told Kazinform about hair care and dressing.

According to our heroine, women with long hair have such qualities as softness, kindness, seriousness, forgiveness.

"Scientists are now talking about the properties of long hair. And our ancestors studied and proved it long ago. He did not cut his daughters' hair and had a special respect for locks. In the past, Kazakh girls considered it a bad ritual to cut their hair above the waist. This is because cutting long hair inappropriately can cut a person's path and cause misery. First of all, long hair is a woman's beauty. Also, women with long hair will be gentle, kind, compassionate and calm, ”said Nursharuan Tustikbayeva.

According to the old woman, today her hair is about 2 meters long.

"If I spread my hair, it will fall to the ground. About two meters. Hair needs proper care. In our time, there are not as many shampoos and oils as there are today. However, we used what we had. We used to wash our hair with kefir, and I still do. Then I dry it well, weave it and put it away. I've never seen my hair spread. I was not hostile. Let me prove to you that today I will spread my hair for you ", - laughed the grandmother from Taldykorgan.

Today, she has 29 grandchildren and 41 great-grandchildren. Most of them are girls.

National portal "Adyrna"

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