Urgent meeting: Ukraine is negotiating with France


Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba has appealed to the UN Security Council to convene an emergency meeting on "Russia's illegal actions," Zakon.kz reports.

This was announced by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on Twitter.

Ukraine has requested an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council in connection with Russia's illegal actions. We sent a request to the Council.
Dmitry Kuleba

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said he had discussed the situation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after a meeting of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council.

We are currently preparing an urgent appeal, followed by (scheduled) talks with European Council President Charles Michel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
Vladimir Zelensky

France has also offered to convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

A statement from the Elysee Palace also said Macron condemned Putin's decision to recognize the DPRK and the People's Republic of China.

According to Russian sources at the Permanent Mission of Russia to the United Nations, a meeting of the Security Council is scheduled for February 22 at 08:00 Nur-Sultan time.

On the night of February 22, Nur-Sultan time, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree recognizing the People's Republic of China and the People's Republic of China. He also instructed the Russian Defense Ministry to ensure peace in the region.

National portal "Adyrna"

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