NURGELDY ABDIGANI: Will there be a war? Are we ready for sanctions?


Today, Volodymyr Zelensky issued an appeal to the Ukrainian people. He called on the country to unite. President Zelensky said:
"They are setting a date that threatens us with a big war and may invade again. This is not the first time. But our state is stronger and stronger right now."
We are for peace and want to resolve all issues only through negotiations. Both Donbas and Crimea will rejoin Ukraine. This is done diplomatically. We do not encroach on anyone and do not give ours to anyone! We have a strong army! Our guys have enough military experience and modern weapons. It is now many times more powerful than it was eight years ago!

February 16 is said to be the day of the attack. We mark this day as Unity Day. The corresponding Decree was signed. On this day, we will all raise our national flag, wear yellow and blue ribbons and show our unity to the whole world!
One of our big goals is our European aspirations. We want freedom and we are ready to fight for it! We all want to live happily. And happiness is always with the strong. We have never retreated and will not retreat this time.
Let's love Ukraine. We are quiet! We are strong! We are together! "

Translated by:NP"Adyrna"

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