Shymkent is a leader in the development of private schools


The mayor of Shymkent Murat Aitenov got acquainted with the construction of a private school "GOLDEN KIDS". The 400-seat school located on Baidibek Bi Avenue will be commissioned in the new school year.

The head of state said that the government had given a specific task to eliminate three-shift and emergency schools by the end of 2023, adding that more entrepreneurs should be involved in strengthening school construction.

The number of private educational institutions in Shymkent will reach 62 due to 11 schools to be commissioned this year. Increasing the number of private schools will reduce the burden on the budget, reduce the shortage of places, improve the quality of education and increase the status of teachers. And for the investor it is a successful and long-term business project with a consumer guarantee.

The mayor noted that last year 25 new schools were opened in the metropolis, the number of three-shift schools was reduced from 14 to 9, and emergency schools were eliminated.

During the visit to the completed educational institution, the mayor instructed to ensure that all conditions are created for quality education of children, to ensure that the material and technical base meets the requirements.

The press service of Shymkent city

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