The government has banned government agencies from purchasing furniture and vehicles for two years


The Government of Kazakhstan has adopted a two-year decree "On some issues of exemption from the national regime", which prohibits government agencies from purchasing furniture and light industry products, as well as engineering products from foreign manufacturers, the national portal Adyrna reports. do.

"The document will ensure the loading of existing production facilities, save jobs and stimulate the further development of the domestic light, furniture and engineering industries in general," the statement reads.

It was clarified that only goods produced in Kazakhstan will be allowed to participate in public procurement. The Ministry of Industry submitted a list of furniture and light industry goods to the authorized body for public procurement.

The list of engineering goods to be excluded from the republican regime includes elevators, trolleys, escalators and tracks, automated gas distribution stations, combines, tractors, truck tractors, buses, cars and trucks, special equipment, electrical and other devices, meters for gas liquids included.

National portal "Adyrna"

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