More than 101 thousand primary school students in Shymkent receive free meals at school


In accordance with the Decree of the Mayor of Shymkent, from the third quarter of the school year in the metropolitan schools began to provide free hot meals to primary school students. Previously, free hot meals were provided only depending on social status, but now students in grades 1-4 of public and private schools have the opportunity to eat 100% hot meals.

Today, 88,657 primary school students in the city's public schools and 12,500 primary school students in private schools are provided with free meals. In addition, 28,367 high school students from low-income families in public schools receive free meals.

The menu of school canteens was developed and presented by the city department of education in compliance with special requirements with the consent of the Department of Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance.

The press service of Shymkent city 

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