Bakharidin Ablyazimov bought shares of KazAzot JSC from Kulibayev


Kazakh businessman Bakharidin Ablyazimov bought shares of KazAzot JSC from Timur Kulibayev and other shareholders. The deal was completed on December 13, 2021, according to the national portal Adyrna.

Previously, 50% of the shares of KazAzot JSC belonged to Timur Kulibayev (Joint Resources JSC), 30% to DA Idrissov, 15% to BN Ablazimov and 5% to EN Dostybayev. Given.

As a result of the transaction, Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc. LLP bought shares of all shareholders, except for BN Ablazimov.

57% of Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc. belongs to Mr. BN Ablazimov, the remaining shares belong to the company's managers.

Let us recall that on January 10, Baharidin Ablyazimov was one of the first businessmen to transfer 500 millions tenge on behalf of his team to the Kuchimiz Birlikte Foundation.

National portal "Adyrna"

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