A mother of four children was shot during riots in Almaty


A woman who was breastfeeding in a car was shot in the head during riots in Almaty, the national portal Adyrna reports citing Stan.kz.

This was reported by journalist Gulmira Abikay. According to him, on January 5, the family drove away in search of medicine for their sick children.

"The Burkitbayevs were covered in black in one day. On January 5, the family of 7-month-old Nurym, who was worried about fever, lost her mother. Zhanar, 35, was shot in the head while breastfeeding. They went to the sister-in-law in the city. They were confused and called an ambulance in the first place.When she was taken to the 4th hospital , they told:"the bullet pierced her head and it was  in the brain, and the woman immediately died," the journalist wrote.

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