Distance learning and new bans: Quarantine tightened in Nur-Sultan


From today, Nur-Sultan will be subject to strict quarantine restrictions. This was announced by the chief sanitary doctor of the capital Sarkhat Beisenova, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

Beisenova said that the spread of highly contagious omicron strains in the city should be strictly limited and quarantine measures should be introduced.

"According to the decree signed by me today, in accordance with the decree of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Kazakhstan, in addition to the restrictions on the" red "zone, in the capital:

to hold public events both outdoors and indoors, including family, commemorative events, including at home for up to 30 people (except for commemorative events at facilities participating in the Ashyq project);
Despite participation in the Ashyq project, the activities of concert halls, philharmonic halls, theaters, circuses, cinemas are prohibited;
to hold collective events, congregations, religious ceremonies, Friday prayers, etc. on the territory and facilities of mosques, churches and other religious associations;
to hold conferences, seminars, exhibitions, forums;
Services in nightclubs, karaoke, catering are prohibited, ”Beisenova said at the briefing. He also decided to reduce the number of visitors to restaurants - now he can seat up to 4 people at one table.
“Transferring the work of educational centers, clubs for children and adults, child development centers, correctional centers for children and adults to an online format.

Until January 31, 2022, at least 80% of the administrative staff of government agencies and organizations, national companies, enterprises, despite the vaccination against COVID-19, transfer to remote work, schoolchildren, students of colleges and universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, all courses - 2022. It will be transferred to the distance learning format by February 6, ”Sarkhat Beisenova decided.

National portal "Adyrna"

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