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October 15, 2021 in the hall named after Н. Dauletov within the framework of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan was the opening of a book and photo exhibition, dedicated to the history of the organization "Zhas Tulpar". The exhibition featured materials from the fund of the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and archives of participants of the "Zhas Tulpar" movement.

The exhibition was opened by the writer, philosopher, scientist-sinologist, head of the Foundation Mukhtara Omarkhanovich Auezov Murat Mukhtarovich Auezov. The event was attended by members of the organization "Zhas Tulpar", public figures, poets, writers, students and media representatives.

"Zhas Tulpar" and the national spirit

"Zhas Tulpar" is an informal association of Kazakh youth, trained in the universities of Moscow and Leningrad in the 60s, positioned themselves in the cultural and educational community. Some political views of the participants of the "Zhas Tulpar" movement contradicted the canons of the ideology of the Soviet era.

At the present time in Kazakhstan and abroad, the interest of young people in the revival of the idea of ​​"Zhas Tulpara" in modern conditions - they are in demand, and the organization adopts in its ranks a number of young proponents of the movement, as well as intellectuals.

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