A hardened child will be strong


In Kazakh society, parents have a great influence on the choice of life of young people, the spiritual nourishment  and the accumulation of positive qualities. After all, a child sees life through the eyes of his parents. As a child grows up, his horizons expand and he begins to form his own opinion about the phenomena around him. The child learns to dream, to run in the wind and try to get out of the mountains.

It is well-known that our parents face many difficulties in this regard. It is true that one of them sends his child to intellectual centers, and the other leads his child to clubs with limited potential. But we must not forget the proverb: "How you take care a young tree, so it grows." And it is the parents' duty to guide the child to the sport of their choice. Because a healthy generation is the key to a healthy country.

In this regard, Guldana Sarsenovna, who gave her child to the youth club of the cycling team "Astana Kazakhstan Team" and from the very beginning was involved in cycling, is very happy that her son went to the sport of his choice.

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