A meeting on "A just society - an effective state" was held


On the eve of the 30th anniversary of Independence of the country at the initiative of Abay district executive committee held a meeting on "A just society - an effective state." The event was organized by the Public Fund "Creative Youth" on the recommendation of the Department of Internal Policy and Youth Affairs of Shymkent.

The meeting was attended by the project coordinator Sabira Baizakhova, Doctor of Law Ermek Bekbosynov, members of the public association "Meirim", chairmen of the Council of Veterans of Abay district and representatives of the intelligency, veterans of the home front, active citizens of the district.

Establishing a just state is the main dream of mankind since ancient times. The speakers exchanged views on the social problems of today's society.

- If we are guided by the principle of justice in any case, we will achieve it. We not only improve the social situation of the population, but also protect the interests of all citizens. In short, the motto "Independence is the most precious thing" should always be our motto. Let's keep our independence forever, - said the head of "Shanyrak" Sabira Baizakhova.

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