The Taliban are asking Turkey for help


Representatives of the radical Taliban movement have appealed to Turkey to complete the overhaul of Kabul airport after the full evacuation of Afghan and foreign nationals, to establish maintenance and management. This information was reported by Reuters.

In an interview with Reuters, Turkish officials said that representatives of the radical Taliban had discussed technical assistance and management assistance to Kabul airport after the withdrawal of foreign troops and evacuees.

"Representatives of the Taliban have asked for help in developing the technical and management management of Kabul airport in a difficult situation. "If the Turkish side does not bring special forces to Kabul airport and regulate the service system, it will be dangerous and very risky for Turkish citizens," Turkish officials said.

However, after the withdrawal of foreign troops and civilians from Kabul, the two sides said they would discuss the issue.


Bekbolat KARZHAN,

National portal "Adyrna"

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