K.Tokayev: No one can deprive the citizen's right to criticize the government


President K. Tokayev held a meeting with the leadership of the Prosecutor General's Office. During the meeting, the President spoke about the rights and freedoms of citizens.

"Last year, a completely new law on peaceful assembly came into force in Kazakhstan. If the previous law had a procedure for obtaining a permit, it is enough to announce a rally in the new law. In addition, special places have been established for peaceful gatherings including protests in the centers of big cities.

This is a very important step towards democratization of our society. We need to explain this policy not only in our society, but also abroad. Those who want to hold a meeting must obey the new law.

No one can deprive the citizen's right to express their views and criticize the government.

This is their constitutional right and it must be strictly observed within the law, "K. Tokayev said.

The national portal "Adyrna"

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