The ritual of reconciliation is an important, very difficult and complex matter among the people. This is a country affair that ends with the intervention of khans, dancers, elders, because it has a social, national meaning.

In ancient times, there were major conflicts and quarrels that affected the honor of the country, such as international wars, land disputes, widows' disputes, value disputes. It  led to an armed conflict, large-scale hostage-taking, disruption of public order, and fallback from unity and solidarity. In this case, the country, which had quarreled and retaliated, was often attacked, which ended in death. Therefore, the disciplinary law "Bitim" reconciles the two countries and calls for reconciliation. Such "brotherhood" was attended by influential countrymen and heroes, dancers and orators. They listened to the motives of both countries, found a way out of difficult situations, they called for unity and reconciliation. The cost of the trip, the cost of the person was reimbursed. The end of such an agreement was followed by the gifts,the marriage, the embrace and friendship. The elders of the two countries are committed to maintaining this agreement and finding a way to avoid provoking and remembering the old conflicts.

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Translated for the national portal Adyrna, edited by:Nagima Bazarkizi

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