An umbilicus


It is a sacred concept for the Kazakh people. We compare our homeland to the place of "umbilical cord blood". We call our "umbilical cord mother" who cuts the umbilicus cord. We also have rituals related to the umbilicus cord. Have you ever  thought it’s effect?

Almost all of us grew up hearing the prohibitions "Do not step on the threshold", "Do not spit on the fire." And why did these remarks appear? Our ancestors used to bury a boy's umbilical cord under the roof of his house with the intention to "be the owner and support of the family", and bury the girl's umbilical cord in the head of the fire with the intention "to be the  candle of the family". Nowadays? We don't even see the umbilical cord.

A woman's wealth is in her navel

Esotericists and mystics believe that the umbilical cord is sacred. This is especially important for women. This is because the energy sources that cover the beauty and femininity of every woman are located in this umbilical chakra. Esotericists say that the opening of the umbilical cord leads to the closure of these sources of energy and makes a woman unhappy.

Also, given the fact that a woman's ovaries are located here, opening the umbilical cord can take away the dream of becoming a future mother. Unmarriedness, infertility, unhappiness in family life are all due to the pollution of energy sources in the umbilical cord. That's why every parent needs to pay attention to every part of their daughter's body from an early age for the sake of their little girl's future, experts say.

This is the property of a small umbilical cord. We should not be surprised by the wisdom of our ancestors. Every Kazakh ritual and taboo is dedicated to good!


                                                                                                                    Diana Asanova,

                                                                                                                National portal "Adyrna"

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