Psychological help is provided to those who beat their wives

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Persons who have committed administrative or criminal offenses related to violence will be provided with psychological support in clinics. This was introduced in the new regulations of the Ministry of Health, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

According to the information, this assistance is aimed at changing behavior and preventing further incidents. Sessions are conducted by psychologists specially trained to work with such clients, including stages of establishing trusting relationships, correcting aspects of behavior and evaluating the results of the intervention.

In addition, psychological assistance aimed at correcting and preventing the behavior of such people will be provided in clinics.

Assistance is provided on the basis of a court act. Psychological consultations are held in the psychologist's office.

As contraindications for providing psychological help to such people, the presence of diseases requiring inpatient treatment or infectious diseases was recognized. Help is provided by qualified psychologists.