Kazakh language is a guarantee of development of civil society - interview

Adyrna.kz Telegram

The leader of the "Baskaru" public fund gave an interview on the YouTube channel of the "Adyrna" national portal.

During the interview, Margulan Ermaganbetuly, the head of the "Baskaru" public fund, touched on the issue of non-governmental organizations. What should be considered in the relationship between the state and non-governmental organizations? Why should you care? Speaking about this, the expert also touched on the problems in this relationship.

Especially, non-governmental organizations do not take into account the mentality when working with the people, they do not go to the Kazakh-speaking environment. What is the reason for this? How to fix it?

In addition, there are some problems between religion and secularism. It is no secret that religious people, not real religious scholars, deal with the problem of religion in society. There is a lack of support for active people with influential opinions in the Kazakh-speaking environment. In the issue of non-governmental organizations, Margulan Ermaganbetuly listed such problems and made suggestions on how to solve them.