"There is no reason to worry." The minister answered the question about the 997 code

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Фото: t.me/KZgovernment

The Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry Zhasulan Madiyev answered the question related to the phone code +997, reports the national portal Adyrna.kz.

One of the colleagues said, "Previously, there was an initiative to switch from the +7 phone code to the 997 code. Later it became known that we will stay +7. Why did the work stop because of the change to the phone code?" he asked.

"We think it's convenient for people who use +7. "We think that +7 is convenient in order not to change phone numbers and contacts," said the minister.

He also asked the minister, "How much money was spent to install +997?" the question was asked.

"I can't say how much money was spent. According to the analysis and consultation, we think that +7 is right for the people," he said.

The journalist said, "Except for Russia and Kazakhstan, all the countries that were members of the former Soviet government changed the +7 code. And you say that it is convenient to use +7. Is it important that we stay at +7 because it's convenient for us to dial, or is national security important?" to the minister's question
"I cannot give information due to national security. "I think there is no reason to worry about security now," he answered.