Once effective. A petition against the Domestic Violence Act has been launched

Adyrna.kz Telegram

June 16 On the day the Domestic Violence Act came into force, a petition was launched against the law. This was announced on the epetition.kz portal, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

According to information, the authors of the petition demanded to block laws related to women's rights and children's safety.

The authors believe that the adopted law criminalizes the process of traditional education, the authorities interfere in the private affairs of citizens, and most of the parents will be fined, taken into account, and even deprived of parental rights because of it.

"I am against the implementation of the law in Kazakhstan, which allows for the presumption of guilt of parents and discredits parents under the guise of combating violence. Parents are not lobbying criminals. I demand to block this law," the text of the petition reads.

Also, the authors of the petition believe that the responsibility is created to "adjust children to non-traditional sexual orientation".

It should be noted that on June 16, the law on ensuring women's rights and children's safety came into force in Kazakhstan.