In Oral, 71 apartments were given to summer cottage residents

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In the city of O, 12 more residents of cottages, whose only shelter was declared unsuitable due to floods, became sheltered. New apartments were bought with the funds of sponsors. This was announced by the administration of West Kazakhstan, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

It should be noted that the Head of the State ordered to provide adequate assistance to the flood-affected residents.

According to the instructions of the head of the government, financial organizations and sponsors are reaching out and helping the affected residents of the region.

Ainash Samenova, a resident of the Komarovo country house, had her only shelter flooded and declared unusable. Today he entered his new apartment.

"In 2017, we built a house from the Komarovo country house and lived with our family. Our house was flooded during the spring flood. Now we got the keys to the new apartment. We did not expect to live in a new house in the center of the city. I am grateful to the Head of State for creating such a situation," he said.