In America, the work of the little Kazakh writer Aiza Muratovna was published in a book

1584 Telegram

In America, the work of the little writer Aiza Muratovna was recognized as the best and was included in the book, reports the national portal "Adyrna". Nazira Bayyrbek wrote about this on Facebook.

According to the activist, Aiza's adventure book now resides in school libraries in Pennsylvania and an Indiana library.

"In America, before all of us, Aiza's work was published in a book.
Before that, a fantasy novel about people living in a capsule was praised and hung on the walls of New York schools.
"Now, during a creative project among schoolchildren in Indiana, Pennsylvania, six of Aiza's works in the genre of fiction became the best and entered the book," wrote Nazira Bayyrbek.

Aiza answered the Department of Education about her writing ability as "problem solving and imagination".