Another type of Internet fraud. The Prosecutor General's Office made a statement

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The General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced that a new type of Internet fraud has appeared in the country, and the number of people who have been deceived is increasing over time, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

"Fraudsters contact victims via video calls posing as law enforcement officers and provide false information that unknown persons are attempting to obtain a loan on behalf of the victim. In order to cancel this "loan", he suggests going to the bank branch to get a new loan immediately. He asks to transfer the loan money received from the bank to a new "safe" account. This is the account of fraudsters," says the official message issued by the General Prosecutor's Office.

The Prosecutor General's Office warns that law enforcement officers will never communicate by video call, they will not work in this format.

He added that you should not give your bank details to strangers, even law enforcement officers, and that you should call 115 in case of suspicious circumstances.