A new information about the soldier who died two years ago in the army

Adyrna.kz Telegram

The body of a conscript soldier who died two years ago in the army was found with stab wounds and traces of blows, reported the national portal "Adyrna".

Almas Shakhimov's relatives exhumed the body of the deceased and waited six months for the results. As a result of the examination, traces of knife wounds and various cruel blows were found on the soldier's body.

Shakhimov left for military service in Almaty. However, two months later, the soldier's family received a bad news. Two years ago, the official cause of death was reported as an accident. According to official data, the soldier died while helping others to get to a safe place during a training exercise, when he fell under metal equipment that fell due to a strong storm. The mother of the deceased says that the soldiers destroyed the evidence.

"At first we were against the exhumation because we had a lot of evidence. However, the military later destroyed all the evidence, my son's military uniform, and all the videos from the training ground.

The autopsy revealed three stab wounds, stab wounds, and 26 body injuries on the right side. "He crushed his kidney, broke his skull, put the cigarette on his back and put it out," added his mother.