"Move to the North" program. Funds allocated for migration were embezzled

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Фото: pavon.kz

In the Pavlodar region, budget funds allocated for resettlement from the southern regions to the sparsely populated settlements in the north were stolen, the national portal "Adyrna" reports.

It was found that 59 settlements were destroyed in the region due to the migration of people.

In fact, abandoned houses were bought from 500 thousands tenge. Within the implementation of the National project "Strong regions - the driver of the country's development", a whole scheme of appropriation of budget funds has been created.

And within the framework of the project, 50% of the price will be reimbursed for the purchase of a house, but it is indicated that the amount provided should not exceed 4.2 million tenge. In order to get half of the cost, the value of the houses was artificially increased to 8 million tenge.

Resettlement within the framework of the program was carried out only on paper. 600 million out of 3.5 billion tenge allocated to the region had been embezzled.

The Prosecutor's Office registered the investigation materials in the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Article 190, Part 4, and the investigation is being conducted by a special prosecutor.

"Investigation is ongoing," said the message of the prosecutor's office of Pavlodar region.