"We should be an example for students." The secondary school teacher of physical education mentioned a number of achievements and problems

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The first state program for the development of physical education and sports in 2007-2011 was aimed at improving the legal framework. Since then, this industry has been developing rapidly in the country. For example, according to the results of 2022, it was known that 7,586,444 people regularly engage in physical education and sports in the republic, which is 38.5 percent of the country's population. And how do young people adapt to sports at school? We talked about this with Didar Abdenov, a physical education teacher of Tolkyn secondary school, Almaty region, Enbekshikazak district, winner of the republican and regional sports competition among teachers in volleyball.

- Mr. Didar, why did you choose sports? Do you like being a teacher?

- To put it simply, I love sports since my childhood. In the village of Tolkyn, where I was born and raised (journalist, village of Teskensu Rural District, Enbekshikazak District, Almaty Region), there was an atmosphere close to sports since I was a child. When we were children, our parents participated in various team sports competitions and tended to a healthy lifestyle. It is true that "a child loves what he sees". We didn't have a phone. There is no social network. Our environment was also developing and passionate about sports.