After the war in Gaza. The Palestinian government resigned

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Фото: Euronews
Фото: Euronews

The Palestinian government has resigned, "Adyrna" correspondent reported.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayeh  announced that his government would resign due to the escalation of violence in the country and the war in the Gaza Strip.

"The decision to resign was made due to the unprecedented escalation of the situation in the West Bank and Jerusalem, as well as the war, genocide and famine in the Gaza Strip," it was said at the government meeting.

Muhammed Shtayya noted that attempts to turn the Palestinian government into "one of the administrative instruments" are unacceptable. In his opinion, the Cabinet of Ministers he headed "achieved a balance between the demands of citizens and the protection of the rights of the Palestinian people."

In the statement of Staye, it was said that the pressure of the United States on the side of Mahmoud Abbas to renew the Palestinian Authority and to establish a political structure capable of governing the Palestinian state after the war has increased.