Minister of Foreign Affairs. Murat Nurtileu was reappointed

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Ашық дереккөзден
Ашық дереккөзден

Murat Nurtileu has been re-appointed to the position of Vice-Premier-Minister of Foreign Affairs, the national portal "Adyrna" reported with reference to the press service of Akorda.
"By the decree of the head of state, Nurtileu Murat Abugaliuly was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Minister of Foreign Affairs," said the message on Tuesday.

Nurtileu was the Deputy Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs from April 2023 to February 5, 2024, before that he headed the Presidential Administration from January 2022, and immediately after the January events, he became the first deputy chairman of the National Security Committee.

Over the years, Nurtileu worked in the Presidential Administration, was an assistant to the Head of State, and worked in diplomatic service for many years.