The Boeing 787 Dreamliner landed in Antarctica for the first time

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Фото: Norse Atlantic Airways
Фото: Norse Atlantic Airways

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner landed in Antarctica on November 15, "Adyrna" national portal reported with reference to the CNN channel.
The plane, operated by Norwegian Norse Atlantic Airways, took off from Oslo on November 13 and then stopped in Cape Town. Then the plane headed to Antarctica and landed there.

The Dreamliner landed on a runway "made of ice and snow," according to CNN.

A total of 45 passengers were on board the plane, including scientists from the Norwegian Polar Institute. In addition, the ship transported 12 tons of research equipment necessary for the study of Antarctica.

"The landing of such a large aircraft opens up completely new logistics possibilities at Troll [Norwegian Antarctic Station], which will help strengthen Norwegian research in Antarctica," said director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, Camilla Brekke.

He also said that using a larger aircraft would help "reduce overall emissions" and reduce the "environmental impact in Antarctica."


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