A chair worth 200 thousands tenge. The administration of West Kazakhstan commented on the article published in "Adyrna".

Adyrna.kz Telegram

On September 11, an article was published on the national portal of Adyrna with the title "The new head of the Department of Social Development of WKH started his work by buying a chair." The press service of the West Kazakhstan Regional Department of Social Development expressed an opinion about that material, reports the correspondent of the Adyrna portal.

The press service of the department stated that the material and technical base of the regional institution should be fundamentally strengthened.

"The office furniture of the Public Development Department was purchased in 2003-2004, and today the wear and tear of the furniture has reached 95 percent," said the statement.
Among them, there are tender announcements such as executive chair (cost 200,000 tenge), telephone-switchboard for use in work (cost 150,000 tenge) and car rental for 4 months (cost 1,081,000 tenge) for board employees to use in work.

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