Yerlan Karin: 71.7 percent of Kazakhstanis believe that our country is developing in the right direction

2675 Telegram

Yerlan Karin, adviser to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, said that a real competitive environment has been created for parties in the country, "Adyrna" correspondent reported.

"The prerequisites for the upcoming elections were laid in March 2022, that is, when the President presented a comprehensive program of political reforms in his address. In less than a year, a real competitive environment was formed for the parties, and the way was opened for citizens to nominate themselves to the Parliament and maslikhats. This is confirmed by the available statistics. For example:
1) All seven political parties are participating in the parliamentary elections. Two of them were registered after changes in the party legislation.
Therefore, competition between parties will be the main element of this election campaign.
2) A total of 892 citizens were nominated to become Majilis deputies on the party list and single-mandate constituencies (on average, 9 candidates come to 1 mandate).

The large number of public figures and civil activists participating in the elections (including citizens who usually challenge the government) means their confidence and support for the ongoing reforms.
Social surveys conducted among the population show that the public enthusiastically supports all changes, innovations and reforms that have taken place in the country in recent years.

According to the Institute of Strategic Studies of Kazakhstan, 71.7 percent of Kazakhstanis believe that our country is developing in the right direction," he said.