Dos Koshim: We need to open the way for supervisory movements!

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It is known that various public organizations are actively monitoring the elections of Majilis and Maslikhat deputies, which will be held on March 19 of this year. Among them is the "BAQYLA" public movement. The movement has already announced that it has started preparing its observers,the national portal "Adyrna" wrote.

The Central Headquarters of the social movement is located in Almaty. Also, regional headquarters were opened in 17 cities of the country.

Before that, "BAQYLA" supervised the election of the President of Kazakhstan and successfully supervised the voting process in 27 cities.

Today, heads of monitoring networks and regional coordinators are taking special courses on the theory and practice of monitoring the election process in online format and through offline meetings.

We received a few comments from the politician and public figure Dos Koshim, who was conducting classes and training for the observers of the social movement.

Dos Koshim:

- Since yesterday, we have started training coordinators in regions and cities. "BAQYLA" Public Movement is a joint control center covering many main cities and regions of Kazakhstan. We are training people there. Coordinators of 25 regions participated yesterday. We meet directly with those in Almaty and hold seminars. Online trainings will be held in other regions.

Of course, my task is only to teach, if the organizers plan to hold it offline in other regions, we are ready to go there. As for how many times we hold classes, it can be different. For example, last year, before the presidential election, there were 4-5 seminars, of which 2-3 were held directly offline. Basically, it is better to cooperate with people in the region and cities, create a network and communicate, then teach everyone together. But before that, we are personally training those who want to join "BAQYLA". It will not be more. If those who want to join the movement are organizations and individuals, we will continue to conduct private lessons for them. That is, we are not limited to 4-5 lessons.

We will directly meet and train the observers in Almaty. We put a table in front of them, show them how to count, and conduct not only theoretical, but practical lessons. It is very effective. Answering questions face-to-face and listening to the opinions and suggestions of the participants is one thing. During the time spent online, unfortunately, there will not be many questions.

In general, it is better to have more social movements. We started monitoring work in 1999. Some of the established organizations will leave, some will remain. And some are together. There is still progress. There is growth. Control movements should be opened as much as possible. We should always support them. I welcome the increase in the number of organizations that I monitor.

I am not saying to gather in one monitoring organization, but the work of the coordinator is very necessary when monitoring polling stations.

After all, if 5 people sit in one section, no one sits in the next section. We saw it in last year's elections. For example, if there are 5-6 polling organizations in Almaty, it would be good if they were able to separate in order and cover all polling stations. It should be organized. I think we still have problems communicating and working together.

There is no law that says so many people should sit in each polling station. There should be only one observer from each organization. There are 5-6 social movements that claim to control the upcoming elections. Then there are observers of the candidates who are participating in Majilis and maslikhat. It seems that at least 6-7 people are sitting in one polling station. This is a very good trend. The eyes of the person watching the voting will be opened. He knows what election is. The civil attitude is awakened. That's why I always say that if you want to be a citizen, be an observer.

"Adyrna" national portal