Now in Russian schools there are "educational mentors" and special lessons are held on television

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Now "educational mentors" will appear in all Russian schools. Together with their parents, they re-educate students and move to a new method of "teaching" their minds with the propaganda and politics of the Russian authorities. Educational advisers will start working from the next academic year, reports the national portal "Adyrna" with reference to "TASS".

"Educational consultants" appear in all Russian schools. "From the next academic year, the position of "education consultant" with an additional fee paid by the state will be introduced in each region," said the head of the Ministry of Education, Sergey Kravtsov. It is recommended to accept the participants of "special operation".

The Minister of Education said that not only students, but also their parents will be re-educated.

"It is better to emphasize the achievements of our country to parents and teach them the necessary things. I think that this initiative would be interesting for parents as well," said the minister.