"Everyone's attention was on our guys" - Kazakh guys were recognized by foreigners with a special search-and-rescue method

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Citizens from the Kazakh country quickly excavated complex structures using a special search-and-rescue method, cleaned large piles, interceded for the fate of people, and took the corpses out without destroying them. They worked several times more productively than the rescuers who came from Europe, fulfilled the task more than others, worked in additional facilities, the national portal "Adyrna" reported.

Journalist Nurbek Bekbau wrote about the special method of rescuers of the Kazakh country. According to him, the Kazakh guys effectively used the style of carving the walls. Underneath, a person dug into the side of the remaining pile, and if it was not possible, he dug from the bottom and saved the inhabitants. In this way, he made it convenient for the surviving residents not to injure their bodies, and took the corpses of the dead out to the field for a clean burial. Such a method has borne fruit in earthquake relief works in Turkey:

In addition, the journalist emphasizes that our rescuers performed their duties with excess and stood out among foreigners with their different tactics:
- Foreign rescuers - take out the people trapped under the ruins only with the help of heavy equipment. It takes a long time. A living person died while waiting.
The tactics of the Kazakh troops are different. It burrows into the side of a ruined building and reaches it, or burrows through the heart of a house and comes under a trapped person. Thanks to such a visit to the hospital, our guys saved 7 lives. 88 bodies were pulled out from the ruins. Our guys did not allow the crane digging into the walls to dislodge the body of a loved one, and made it possible for each deceased to be buried in a dignified manner.
After that, the Turks made the Kazakh men the main force in the 3 sections belonging to us in the city of GaziAntep, and subordinated the others to them.
Yesterday, they took out the bodies of the martyrs from under the ruined houses, as if they were still alive, and swept away the ruined houses, cleaned them up and  they returned to the country.
You are real heroes! - says the author.

"Adyrna" national portal