Elections and media: A special briefing was held

Adyrna.kz Telegram

On February 14 of this year, a media briefing was held at the office of the Republican Public Association "Kazakhstan Lawyers' Union" in order to inform the public about the results of the assessment of the situation of the deputies of the Majilis and Maslikhats of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan "For Fair Elections".

The chief of staff - Serik Akylbay briefly touched on the calendar plan of the main events for the preparation and holding of the extraordinary elections. For example, on February 18, 2023 at 18:00, the registration of candidates and party lists ends.

A candidate for deputy must first of all have the right to vote. Citizens who have been recognized by the court as incompetent, as well as those who are in prison under a court sentence, do not have the right to be elected. A candidate for a deputy of the Mazhilis of the Parliament can be a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan who has lived permanently in its territory for the last 10 years and has reached the age of 25.